LSUHSC Logon Authorization   
*** Please Read and Carefully Follow All Instructions ***

  This is Part 1 of a two part process.

In Part 1 you will submit the information required to identify a user. You will be notified by email when the user has been validated.

When you are notified that the user has been validated, you may return and logon with that UserID and password to complete the authorization request.

Please submit registrations for approvers before submitting registrations on the users who need approval.

  Part 1 - User Registration for Online Authorization      (*=required field)

  If you are registering yourself, please put your email address in both available boxes. If you are registering someone else, put your email address where it says Your E-mail and put the address of the user you are registering where it says User's E-mail.

  Please enter the same User ID this person used for

  If you do not know this person's User ID or they did not have access to eway, then use the standard of first letter of first name plus the first five letters of the last name. Joe Johnson's User ID would be jjohns.

  Please set the password to be the same as the UserID.

User ID*
First Name*
Last Name*
Users E-mail*
Phone (675-1234)*
Fax (675-1234)*
YOUR E-mail*

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